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Thursday,Dec 08, 2022
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Love at first sight, wear it.
Posted:Aug 11, 2022        Views:34        Back to List
So 001 was very comfortable in Li Mohe's arms which obviously pleased him He could not help holding 001's hand tightly and could not help imprinting a kiss on 001's white and graceful neck Li Mo had long noticed the delicate neck of 001 and every time he hugged her he appeared under his eyes to tempt him This time Li Mo finally did not hold back in the above gently kiss This makes 001 feel a little itchy she can not help but hide but let Li Mo and her ultrasonic molten metal laugh and push their luck Li Mo rubbed against her intimately and then said with a smile "Do you miss me" Li Mo found that once he fell in love he was no different from other boys and even seemed to be more clingy 001 naturally will not have nothing to call Li Mo she can not pay attention to the sweetness of this kind of love 001 from Li Mo's arms turned to look at him usually cold face at this time completely soft down eyes have become tender and gentle up Uh Li Mo rubbed the tip of 001's nose intimately and her deep and sultry voice sounded in her ear

There was no fluctuation in his heart which should have made the girl in his arms blush and heartbeat When I think of you you appear 001 took Li Mo's hand her drooping eyebrows and soft voice all brought out the graceful and gentle heart This makes Li Mo's heart can not help but palpitate that kind of admiration feelings like running water gushed out He looked at him in his arms in front of his eyes so that his heart was itching But after all Li Mo just kissed 001's forehead with restraint and said with a light smile "Well you've passed" Li Mo miss ultrasonic spray nozzle 001 is true slightly dissatisfied with her she is not like in love this is also true However those emotions disappeared in the gentle words of 001 Instead Li Mo was teased by him Li Mo let go of 001 with some reluctance and took her hand and looked at her in her boudoir This is naturally the first time that Li Mo appeared in a girl's room or his girlfriend which makes idays Li Mo turned around and reached out to gently pull the hair on his cheek behind his ear

If you look up you will be able to bump into the young man's eyes full of tenderness sonicator homogenizer which is very intoxicating The atmosphere in this room is just right gentle and gentle 001 raised his hand and handed Li Mo a book at hand I'm looking at this Li Mo raised his eyebrows and said "Shakespeare" This made Li Mo's heart ripple and his lips could not help 001 with affectionate eyes and his gentle voice read two lines from Shakespeare's sonnets to her

001 raised his eyes and looked at him which made Li Mo tremble in his heart and the turbulent feelings came like waves However Li Mo's face is very calm but his eyes are slightly dark and deep If the thought of me makes you sad I would rather forget in ultrasonic welding transducer your sweet thoughts Li Mo approached 001step by step and his mouth continued to recite touching love poems Li Mo's breathing became more and more rapid and his eyes were tightly locked on 001's body His desire could not be suppressed which prompted him to approach Lin Wanting uncontrollably Li Mo's hand gently stroked 001's arm and went all the way along her smooth and delicate skin until he held her shoulder tightly The graceful girl suddenly rushed out and stood in front of the man who was drunk on the bar Such weakness and drunkard's toughness are about to cause a bloody case The drunk held up the bottle too late to withdraw so it hit 001 on the top of his head The broken glass fell from her body without a trace

It's like hitting a stone with an egg Of course the egg is a wine bottle and the stone is 001 She blinked her eyes wondering why this kind of thing would endanger the lives of people on earth 001 calmly reached out to get the broken glass off her head and body but she was unscathed and woke up the drunk How is that possible His lips trembled and he looked at 001's eyes like a monster At this time she also found something unusual It turned out that the physical quality of the earth people was so different from that of the planet Araga She should have thought of it long ago At this time General 001's heart the earth people need to take good care of their weakness otherwise the idea of easy death has been deeply rooted Two two what if someone finds out 。