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Thursday,Dec 08, 2022
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Our News
General Star of Han Yu
Posted:Aug 11, 2022        Views:42        Back to List
Ah Ayumi how can you blush Opposite is a child who is only 15 years old Where is your courage She patted her face hard Ayumi said "Brother Ziyi I like you" In the cheers of the crowd the self-sufficiency was finally matched successfully The following appearance of Cui She Na and the first appearance of Shen Zhuya also encountered the same treatment a male guest did not choose to become a net with her but formed a net with He Dongjun and could only end up as gloomy as the previous male guests This episode of the program ended in such an atmosphere because the stars have their own itinerary originally promised Zhao Ziyi to eat together can only say sorry and Jiang Hudong Jin Zhongmin and Zhao Ziyi just partner Ayumi is no schedule for Zhao Ziyi treat but they have no idea of refusing Brother Ziyi I think you will Ultrasonic emulsifier machines please girls when you are so young I don't know how many girls will be harmed by you in the future Zhao Ziyi's partner today Ayumi teased Oh sister when I come of age will you also be harmed by me Zhao Ziyi's words are really not shocking Such a rhetorical question not only made the troublemaker Ayumi blush but also made Jiang Hudong and Jin Zhongmin who were fighting for meat laugh I said Ziyi your eloquence is really wasted if you don't show it in the art circle I don't think you are an idol Why don't you come to my show more often Jiang Hudong said as he put meat in his mouth

Hu Dong elder brother Zi Yi is the general trend the general trend the singer who has the strength completely Zi Yi don't listen to his nonsense you are the person who wants to take the big reward in the future but can't believe show

Asked Muyi who was sitting in the driver's seat ultrasonic emulsifying machine Well it's not bad Muyi will give me more work if I have nothing to do in the future I can't be idle even if I have nothing to do Inspiration is not somethingyou last time If I'm free today my sister will invite you to have a simple meal Zhao Ziyi who was just trying to get a girl to help him think about what gift to buy received a text message from Cheng Yuli

Haha I really want to do whatever I want When I am worried about the candidates there will be automatic door-to-door No problem sister I'm still free today Let's meet at the place where we parted last time After getting a positive reply from Sung Yu-ri Zhao Ziyi also began to dress up for his image Now he is the general trend All the songs on the album have entered the top 2 o of the charts while rebirth and crazy have occupied the first and third of the charts respectively Although he is not an idol singer now he has to dress up before he dares to go out Zhao Ziyi wearing a cap and sunglasses soon arrived at the place where ultrasonic extraction cbd he was separated from Sung Yu-ri last time Before long a black nanny car came slowly towards him Thank you for waiting brother Ziyi Although Sung Yu-ri is also wearing a hat and sunglasses to cover up but these cover still can not stop her charm It's all right It's an honor to be able to wait for Yu Li Zhao Ziyi said with a smile All right you're the only one with a sweet mouth Sister I didn't expect that after the last separation you have now become an independent singer As he spoke Sung Yu-ri naturally took Zhao Ziyi's arm Feeling the subtle touch on his arm Zhao Ziyi whose psychological age has already matured could not help blushing "Sister even if I am a big singer I am still your brother Let's not hug so tightly

It's not good" Listening to Zhao Ziyi Cheng Yu-ri was obviously stunned Looking at the white face of the younger brother in front of him he began to turn red Cheng Yu-ri somehow felt funny "Ziyi you are the younger brother of your sister What's wrong with your sister holding your brother Do you dislike your sister" Alas an actor is an actor Looking at the pitiful Cheng Yu-ri beside him Zhao Ziyi really couldn't bear to push her away "Well sister Yu-ri forget I said it" See Zhao Ziyi face helplessly promised himself Cheng Yuli is also showing a girlish smile which let one side of Zhao Ziyi see is some stupefied