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Thursday,Dec 08, 2022
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Posted:Aug 11, 2022        Views:42        Back to List
The river fish repeatedly nodded approved the statement of Ning Sanke He looked up at the city of Chang'an for a moment and urged Ning Sanke "Leader Ning let's find another place to rest" It's not far from Chang'an but if tas been weakened by at least 70% No matter whether it is the Demon Gate or the Daomen it will pose a great threat to the Bingtian Alliance Ning Sanke nodded yes and greeted many casual practitioners ultrasonic dispersion machine under the alliance asking them to quickly adjust their breath and drive away from here But a dry casual practice is really energy has dried up even if it is to supplement the strength of the elixir like fried beans swallowed into the stomach but also at least half an hour to recover where will move for a while and a half Ning Sanke couldn't help looking a little ugly He looked back at Jiang Yu and said with a wry smile "Suzerain Jiang why don't you take Huang Xianren the third elder of the alliance and lead the suzerain to the Golden Lion Cliff of Mount Wutai to serve tea I've settled all the Taoist friends in the alliance and then go and talk to the suzerain in detail

How about that" Seeing Ning Sanke in a hurry Jiang Yu smiled and waved his hands and the woods within a hundred miles released a strong aura of Yimu Clouds of blue aura visible to the naked eye floated around the bodies of the casual practitioners and seeped into their bodies along their pores It was just less than a cup of tea All the exhausted vitality in the bodies of the casual practitioners became incomparably full and one by one they stood up in high spirits This hand is not a magical spell but a miracle caused by the talent and instinct of the river fish The heart of nature mobilizes the spirit between heaven and earth but it does not use any incantation magic and other techniques as long as it relies on the heart to move it is enough to give birth to infinite magic Ning Sanke praised the river fish and ordered the Sanxiu under the alliance to return to their respective cave houses as soon as possible The person in charge of the cave houses everywhere must closely monitor the movement of the world and strictly guard against any abnormal situation or retaliation from the Demon Gate One by one the leaders of the Sanxiu of the Tianmeng Cave House bowed down and led the Sanxiu of their respective cave houses or nearby cave houses and set up their swords to scatter around Bing Tianmeng this Sanxiu sect the organization is so tight and strict let the river fish see all can not help nodding praise for Ning Sanke this is obviously relying on the power of Dan medicine forced to rush to Tianxian Xiuwei's Sanxiu raised a lot of interest Ning Sanke took care of the affairs of the alliance Then he smiled and said to Jiang Yu "Master Jiang with your help why don't you go to the Feiyun Cave of Danxia Mountain where the poor way is hidden" I have something to discuss with the suzerain carefully Ning Sanke's attitude is respectful his words are polite and his expression is also very sincere The river fish feels that he is really an ally with himself and there is no other evil intention in it

He can't help but promise with pleasure At that moment the two men together with several other earth immortals and scattered immortals set up the escape light and flew to the southeast at a high speed ultrasonic sonochemistry machine Along the way all the people displayed all their postures and Ning Sanke even brought the pair of boots wrapped with electric light into full plasands of miles

Feiyun Cave is located in a green peak between Yangyuan Mountain and Yinyuan Mountain It is covered up by Ning Sanke with the method of immortal escape Ordinary people can only see white clouds and fog rising in the mountains and forests but where can they find the traces of Feiyun Cave pp a{color#f00; Text-decoration underline; } small Say 。 T/X/t day Don Chapter 118 Qi Ling (1024 1 words) 723 The furnishings in Feiyun Cave are extremely ultrasonic dispersing machine simple with only four or five stone rooms and four boys doing chores Welcome! Ning Sanke said proudly "There are three disciples of the Poor Way and now they are respectively sitting in the sub-altars of the Taibai Mountain the Taimu Mountain and the Maiji Mountain Therefore this Feiyun Cave is really deserted" The river fisspirit gushing out constantly That spirit carries a little refreshing fragrance It is obvious that there are spiritual things growing behind the cave but rather than say river fish as a guest Naturally it's not easy to mention

All of a sudden they sat down cross-legged in the largest stone room of the cave mansion and the individual guests greeted the boy with tea to entertain the guests Obviously this Ning Sanke can become the leader of the Bingtian Allianson why the camp was attacked" The skills of the Mochizuki Sect are different from those of other sects Once they appear in the monastic world they are naturally 。