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Thursday,Dec 08, 2022
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Dragon King of Seven Stars
Posted:Aug 11, 2022        Views:40        Back to List
Surprised he looked at the man who was being hunted by the world's heroes and was identified as General Li Then he looked at Xiao Jun "Gao Tianjue told me personally that he was the son of General Li" yuanbao said "I believe Gao Tianjue would never lie" "She won't" "So he is indeed General Lee's son" "He is" "Did you also tell me just now that he is your son bone of your bones and blood of your blood" "Yes" "You don't look like a liar to me but you really confuse me" yuanbao smiled bitterly "Can you tell me what's going on" "It's not a very complicated thing but you have to make it so complicated" "Oh" "Everyone has parents and ultrasonic handheld welder parents are not one person" yuanbao finally knew himself but he still couldn't believe it "Could it be that General Li was his mother" "Yes" "Is General Lee a woman" "Yes" yuanbao was stunned again

It was a surprise that General Lee who was famous for his three smiles should be a woman Although no one has yet seen the true face of General Lee no one knows whether she is a man or a woman but in everyone's mind no one thought she would be a woman In the eyes of Jianghu heroes women are always weak and can never compare with men General Lee is his mother and you are his father yuanbao sighed "I finally understand that" "What don't you understand" "You" yuanbao said "I don't underst more I think about it the more I can't figure it out" "What can't you figure out" "If you're not General Lee who are you" yuanbao said "I can't think of a person like you in Jianghu It seems that you shouldn't exist at all" "You're right I really shouldn't exist" The man smiled sadly "Because I should have died long ago" "Who the hell are you ultrasonic spray nozzle " "I am Guo Dimie" said the man "I am Guo Dimie who should have died sixteen years ago" Guo Dimie and Gao Tianjue are husband and wife They are the couple with the highest martial arts in Jianghu

They and General Lee were supposed to be mortal enemies "Heaven and Earth Destroy" takes it as its duty to hunt down all the bandits who escape the net in the world and I don't know how many great thieves who get away with their martial arts die in the hands of their husband and wife When General Li was in Jianghu it was also the time when the fame of their husband and wife reached its peak Everyone in Jianghu knows that "Heaven and Earth are destroyed" will never let General Li go If weao Tianjue must have known

Why should she regard her husband as an irreconcilable enemy How could Guo Dimie not die How did she give birth to a child with General Lee the enemy of "Heaven and Earth Extinction" Why did the former director of the Beggars' Sect who adopted Xiao Jun tell Ultrasonic nano dispersion Xiao Jun that his mother was killed by General Li Why did Guo Di admit that he was General Li when he was being hunted down by the world's heroes Who revealed his whereabouts For seventeen years no one had ever been able to find him Why did they all suddenly come to Jinan overnight Who can explain these things wW wxia oshuotxTCom Chapter 22 a story Little _ say t Xt _ Heaven April 19 night The air in the empty cabin was gradually turbid because the empty cabin was already under the lake and there would never be any ventilation

If there was any gap the lake would pour in and the ship would sink But what yuanbao cares about now is not the air here but the man Guo Dimei Everything about this man should have been impossible and of course no one could explain it yuanbao is not convinced He had been thinking trying to find out the answer to these things and he had a headache but he still couldn't find a clue "Have you noticed my head" He asked suddenly "Can you see that it has changed" "I don't see it" "But I know it has changed and it has become three times bigger than usual" yuanbao smiled bitterly "Although my head is not small but now I have at least three heads as big as usual it has become as big as a bucket" He asked Guo Dimie again "Do you know why a person's head suddenly becomes bigger" "Why" 。